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Elevate Your Leadership

Helping Leaders and Teams Make a Greater Impact

Elevate Your Leadership

Gain Essential Leadership Skills

Your Team

Leading a Team is Often a Lonely Endeavor

Navigating the demands of leadership can leave you feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Successfully leading others can become impossible without room for your strategic thoughts and a safe space to voice your ideas.

Coaching can provide the deeply supportive partnership you and your team need. For leaders, coaching can bring clarity and help build resilience, offering an environment for ideas to flourish. Coaching also allows teams to establish positive habits and fosters accountability for long-lasting change.

At Soraci Coaching, we help leaders and teams evolve and make a greater impact.

When you cultivate powerful skills like leadership presence, active listening, and self-awareness, success follows.

Certified Coaching with Global Reach

Soraci Coaching provides one-on-one coaching to support current and emerging leaders. We leverage a unique process with concrete coaching tools and customize it for each client or team.

Deirdre Soraci is a professionally certified coach serving clients all over the world. She has lived and worked on four continents, navigating many transitions and cultures.

A born listener, her passion for coaching was inspired by deep conversations with diverse people. She weaves together the countless common threads people share. Her mission is to support clients and teams to lead with more ease and effectiveness, making a greater impact.

What our clients are saying:

“I have had the opportunity to benefit from Deirdre’s exceptional insight and compassionate leadership in her capacity as coach and group facilitator over the last two years. Deirdre demonstrated deep skill in framing, clarifying, and moving discussions while providing authentic space for listening and reflection. She possesses a clear talent for identifying both strengths and opportunities for growth while nudging individuals and groups to get creative and curious about their concerns and aspirations. She clearly possesses key knowledge, tools, and resources and is effective in deploying them while simultaneously generating and leveraging the wisdom of the group and individuals. She is an asset to any individual, group, or organization seeking effective coaching and facilitation.”


Deirdre is an inspiring coach. She is insightful, caring and a terrific listener. She led me on the path of a happiness I have never before felt in my life so consistently. She provided thoughtful tools to self-analyze and completely changed the way my mind reacts and responds to negative thoughts.


“Personal and professional development is an evolution that takes time, hard work, commitment, and a great Coach! Deirdre is that great coach! She helped me think through those areas that were most important, develop a targeted approach to achieve results, and more importantly methods to help identify when slipping back into a less effective state and how to correct. Super excited to continue working with Deirdre.”

Chief Customer Officer

“I have had the pleasure of working with Deirdre Soraci for the past two years, and I have been consistently impressed with her insights, confidence, and thought-provoking approach to coaching. Deirdre is an exceptionally insightful coach, and that comes from her listening abilities. She is always intently listening and does not divide her attention. She has a deep understanding of human behavior. She has brought tools and techniques to focus our discussions. Deirdre is thought-provoking and provides support and encouragement as we step out of our comfort zone. This includes identifying our own blind spots and being realistic and objective about our skills and talents. Deirdre is always asking questions that help me think about my leadership skills in new ways. I highly recommend Deirdre and believe she would be an asset to any person or organization, and she can help your leaders achieve their full potential.”


“I recently completed an engagement with Deirdre as my leadership coach and I recommend her without hesitation. Deirdre exceeded all of my expectations. She is thoughtful and intuitive and helped me learn ways to tackle my challenges and identify their origins. Through our work together I have been able to evolve into a more confident and effective leader.”

Chief Operating Officer

“Deirdre is a highly professional coach. She is compassionate, a great listener and an effective communicator. She is skilled in helping her clients to be open to change and a new way of moving throughout the world that will support them in living a more productive life.”

Principal Owner

Deirdre is an incredibly talented, natural coach. Her uplifting, positive, and fun personality make her easy to open up to and wonderful to work with. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor. The strategies I learned have inspired and motivated me to more fully integrate my values and passions into my career. I’m very grateful to have worked with her and highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to transform their leadership skills.

Senior Vice President

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Deirdre for two years in her capacity as a coach and facilitator. Deirdre’s insight, perspective, and thoughtfulness are exceptional. She has a unique way of creating an environment that gently but intentionally encourages substantive discussion and feedback and then takes that information to a place where one feels seen, heard, and understood. Deirdre is also exceptionally skillful at assisting with realistic goal-setting and working through any issues that may be an obstacle to those goals. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Deirdre!”

Chief Legal Officer|Chief Compliance Officer

“I have worked with Deirdre over the past year and it has been life-changing for me. Her coaching has guided me through some different situations and has greatly helped me to become a better people leader and person as a whole. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Customer Success Manager

“Deirdre is a tremendous leadership coach. She came to every session during our engagement with thoughtful preparation and a calming presence. She is a good listener and comfortable challenging my thinking. I appreciate the way she drew me to my own conclusions with her thoughtful approach. It is clear that Deirdre invests a lot of time and energy (reading, classes, practices, clients) in expanding her knowledge in ways that continue to make her a better and more knowledgeable coach. Deirdre is a pleasure to work with and very effective at her craft. I highly recommend her as a coach.”

Principal, Startup

I had the amazing pleasure and benefit to work with Deirdre at Harvard Business School on an Executive Program which allowed me to work one-on-one with her, in addition to working in a group setting as well, as an essential and critical part of this transformational program at Harvard. Deirdre is the ultimate professional, raising the bar each week with incredible insights, wisdom, experience and deep knowledge of executive coaching by providing key resources and allowing you to engage in the internal self-evaluation and reflection, motivation and aspiration of your true self. Deirdre allowed me to frame my goals and opportunities in a very clear and specific way by creating a personal vision as a guideline to move forward after the program. Thus, Deirdre is not only an executive coach but an amazing human being, which you can see at first hand with kindness, inclusiveness, thoughtfulness and extremely positive views of finding always the best in each person. Deirdre is a major asset to any individual or corporation and I highly recommend her as an executive coach.

Vice President

“As a talent professional, it is difficult to find a coach who can offer something more than what I have seen or even used before in my own stakeholder coaching sessions. Deirdre brought so much more than I expected. I am truly grateful for her insight!! I strongly recommend Deirdre and will look for opportunities to work with her again.”

Executive People Leader, Talent & Culture Strategist

Here’s How It Works


Schedule a

Begin elevating your leadership with a conversation. During this time, we’ll understand where you want to go.


Customize the

After learning about your unique aspirations, we get to work to customize the engagement designed to maximize your time and value.


Lead with Greater Impact

Unlock your potential and create a more significant impact in your work and life by mastering proven methods.

Find a clear path to resilience and the success you aspire to achieve.

Day-to-day distractions, lack of clarity, and the weight of responsibility often leave leaders feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

Our coaching offers a trusted space. A sanctuary where thoughts can breathe, ideas can flourish, and the overwhelming journey of leadership becomes a path to success.

We’re here to help leaders and teams master the skills they need to break free and make a greater impact with proven methods.


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