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Mental Fitness for Teams

Is your mindset sabotaging your success or the success of your team?

No matter what practices you put into place, nothing will change if you don’t get your mindset right! This is why only 20% of teams and individuals achieve their true potential. You can have access to this breakthrough training to support a significant and lasting change in your mindset and the re-wiring of your brain.

Our 7-week program combines training videos, daily app-guided exercises, online meditations, Positive Intelligence audiobook, community of learners for support, visual dashboard to measure progress and customized coaching sessions. Research shows a 500% increased likelihood of establishing positive new habits when supported by accountability partners.

If you could change your mindset with a 2 minute practice, 3 times a day, would you do it?

Research also shows that the mental fitness will decline quickly if not reinforced with consistent practice. Mental Fitness Boot Camp supports the daily muscle-building that’s required for a significant and lasting change in your mindset and in the re-wiring of your brain. A weekly small-group coaching session helps maintain your enthusiasm and commitment throughout the entire course.


Self Command Muscle

Fully utilize this muscle with “PQ Reps” to put YOURSELF Back into control!


Saboteur-Interceptor Muscle

Build this muscle to help beat stress, anxiety, and all that goes with it!


Sage Muscle

Tap into and exploit this muscle to handle challenges like a calm and peaceful pro!

7-Week Program Overview

  • Week 1: Boost Your Self-Command Muscle
  • Week 2: Intercept the Judge Saboteur
  • Week 3: Intercept Your Top Accomplice Saboteur
  • Week 4: Engage the Sage Perspective
  • Week 5: Use the Sage Power of Empathize
  • Week 6: Innovate Solution and Use Laser-Focused Action
  • Week 7: Navigate and Sustain the Momentum

Is This the Right Time?

Our world is moving at a fast pace and we are all under tremendous stress. This IS exactly the time and environment for this kind of program. There is no greater urgency for strengthening your mindset. The environment at work and at home shifts daily, and relationships are stretched to a breaking point. The demands on leaders and team members are overwhelming. We simply can’t afford to wait to build up our resilience and empower ourselves and our communities.

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